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Niu Body Founders

Hey everyone! It's Connie here, one of the NIU BODY Co-Founders.

At NIU BODY, we believe shopping for natural beauty products sucks. Honestly, who has time to decipher ingredient lists or keep up with all the latest skincare trends? Plus, forking over hundreds of dollars for a new skincare regime that might not even work is so last year.

Meet NIU BODY. We are an affordable natural and vegan skincare company that launched in March of 2017. NIU BODY products are not only 100% natural and vegan, but also, plain and simple, work. When formulating new products, we research extensively to find innovative plant-based ingredients that provide tangible benefits. Our team of chemists also ensures our formulations are non-comedogenic and great for sensitive skin. This meticulously detailed approach to formulating is what allows us to garner such positive customer feedback, and we will continue to only release products that truly work.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts on our natural skincare line! xo,

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