The Art Of Self-Care

Have you set your goals for 2019? Typically, most resolutions come in the form of a new fitness routine or the promise to give up junk food but, have you given any thought to putting your self-care routine at the top of your list?

Self-care reinforces self-love, promotes happiness and contributes to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Self-care is sometimes thought of as a lavish trip to a spa or jetting off on a tropical vacation but, that is not what self-care is all about. Self-care means amplifying self-love, it’s the act of showing yourself the love, respect, and kindness you deserve and are worthy of. Taking the time to create a self-care routine that works with your lifestyle is essential in turning it into a daily routine.

Let’s face it, our busy lives rarely leave us time to practice self-care. But what if there were a way to work self-care into our everyday routine? Consider slowing down and making your daily tasks, intentional. Doing the laundry? Put on a face mask while you fold the clothes! Difficult to find a quiet moment at home? Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal and enjoy a cup of tea while reading your favorite book. Always rushing through your shower? Consider a bar of soap - slow down and soak up the moisturizing ingredients and beautiful scent of handmade soap. Your self-care practice doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, by making small, simple enhancements to your daily routine, you’ll be able to achieve balance and a deeper sense of self-love.

Creating a meaningful routine not only enhances how you feel, but it also improves your quality of life. Simply put, when you feel good, you do good - you might find yourself having more patience with your children, noticing the small, yet joyful moments you might have overlooked before, but most of all, when you take care of you, you are then able to give your family and loved ones the same love and support without feeling overwhelmed or depleted.

Give yourself the gift of self-care. Click on the links below to shop our gift sets for her and him, designed to fit perfectly in your daily routine, unlock your inner-beauty and promote compassion and self-love for yourself and others.


Lilac Garden Set

Lilac Garden Soap:
These beautiful organic coconut milk soaps are scented with a blend of wild flowers and fresh lilac. The scent is bold, cheerful and reminiscent of springtime. We’ve also added finely ground gluten-free oatmeal for an extra creamy and nourishing lather.

Lilac Garden Bath Bomb:
These lovely flowery, fizzing orbs will melt away in warm bath water and will leave your skin super soft and smelling SOOO good! We’ve added organic coconut milk and Brazilian purple clay for added skin softening nourishment.

Lilac Garden Shimmering Salt Body Polish:
Our Shimmering Body Polish is made with a blend of Dead Sea and Epsom Salts, which lend their healing minerals to polish away dead skin cells while also leaving your skin hydrated and moisturized. We’ve added a bit of sparkle in form of biodegradable glitter, which is made from eucalyptus. We recommend using our shimmering polish at the end of your shower; just rub onto wet skin and gently wash away the salts and pat dry to leave the most sparkle!

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